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P. O Box 3203 Pretoria

Tel: +27 12 565 4041

Fax: +27 12 546 1253

Mobile: 082 574 1284

Emai: solly@pecute.com 

Pecute Transport has reliable two super-link  fitted with a tracker system.  We have more than three years in the commercial transport business and working with us means having your freight delivered without delay. Experienced in both local and cross-border transport services.  Drivers have sound knowledge of domestic and cross- border routes We use advanced technology in route mapping meaning drivers are aware of the delivery route beforehand 2011 is a recovery year for all industries across the board, meaning Pecute Transport’s growth is estimated at 35% especially following the business cycles and ultimate growth of investors favouring the emerging markets.  A recession is not expected in short run and the fiscal policy of the Republic focuses on growth meaning we are at the lower turning point of the business cycle. Equipped with such information, the management of Pecute Transport has established a marketing strategy that will see the company benefiting and positioning itself as a market leader in haulage business.   We seek to partner with major logistic companies and shrug off the culture of being sub contractors.  For the past years of operation, we have relied on sub contracts, meaning we did not benefit from long term contracts.  Thus our revenue deviated with a greater margin from the bench of those industries in the same investment level as ours.
Pecute Transport
Pecute Bus is a division of Pecute Investments which specialises in passenger services located in Dorandia, a suburb in the North of Tshwane. The company has been set up as a Closed Corporation by the owner, Mr. Solly Mdzau. Pecute's objective is to strive at all times, for business' growth, success and prosperity at the same time ensuring quality in its offerings and being accountable for our services. The bus industry provides links for tourism business of various types. We are also known as third party transportation providers. The venture in bus services was created in 2009.  The number of bus operators has grown significantly which creates a business opportunity for Pecute Investments.  The growth of operators plying Johannesburg to Mutare route indicates that there is a positive increase of travellers in the said route.
Passenger Transport Services


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